Knitsbyjewel it's not just a name!

My nickname is Jul but knitsbyjewl has been my trade name for as long as I can remember. So it was just natural when I decided to go into business what the name would be. Crocheting has been my hobby since I was 7 years old. My first business was selling crochet dolls when I was 14 and my mom would advertise them as here are some knitsbyjewl. What can I say it stuck. As I got older I find Mr. Arthritis has sneaked in and holding a regular crochet hook for any length of time was getting harder for me. That is when my husband and I created our hooks. Now to help the tennis elbow from all the crocheting I am doing now!
We love listening to other crocheters and finding out what they love and hate about their crochet hooks and then going to the drawling board to see what we come up with. I am so excited for the next coming year and show our new designs off to you!

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